Over 90% of our new clients come to us through referral – because 100% of our current clients recommend us to their peers. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at these reviews. Company of One has already changed the minds and lives of thousands. Aren’t you ready for a change?


Personal Branding Clients

“Robert has such a clear understanding of our market and what motivates people to take action it blows my mind. Every broker or agent who is serious about building a sustainable brand and setting themselves apart from all the others should have him as part of their team.” — Verl Workman | Pinnacle Quest

“Never before have our members had such a positive response to a speaker! Almost all of the evaluations scored 5 out of 5 for “Outstanding.” Robert was loaded with useful ideas, great humor, up-to-the-minute facts, and fully engaged our crowd for a full hour. He is THE person to have speak to your group or consult with your company about each person being a “company of one.” — Joanne Meehl | Face2Face Career Network


Corporate Clients

““Simply put, Robert is one of the top three strategic marketers I’ve ever worked with. He can take virtually any product or service (like Project CAP) and lead it through a disciplined marketing and branding process. Most important, he intuitively thinks from the customer’s perspective to provide real insight and value back to the business. I would highly recommend Robert and personally hope I get a chance to work with him again.” — Scott Deetz | Entrepreneurial Advantage

“Robert Allan Paul is a branding wizard; a Merlin who clarifies a company’s brand and, with great charm and creativity, shows you the way to articulate that brand with tremendous power. His brand workshop for our company was marvelous; a thoughtful yet high energy tour-de-force of marketing insight and subtle guidance toward a clear position for our firm. A true brand guru – and a great guy.” — Paul Maccabee | Maccabee Public Relations


College Clients

“Robert is an engaging presenter with a wonderful sense of humor and important message for rising college students. We’ve had Robert present his Company of One seminar multiple times and each time he knocks it out of the park! He is direct, honest and really challenges students to think about themselves differently. I have no doubt our students are better equipped to compete in the “real world” having attended Robert’s workshop.” — Mark Peltz | Luther College

“Dynamic, direct, and engaging – these are just some of the adjectives that describe Robert Allan Paul. His presentations kept audience members involved and interested, whether they were faculty, staff or students. His expertise in personal branding enables anyone to create their own brand, identify their unique personal strengths and stand out from others. This is an important message and Robert is the one to deliver it!” — Denise Beebe | Buena Vista University